Monday, September 26, 2016

Blogger Candidate Forum-Great Debate Round I

Hello Everyone:

Blogger Candidate Forum is back after a much needed holiday and not a minute sooner. It is game day. The Great Debate, round one, brought to you by Commission on Presidential Debates. Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton goes head to head with Republican nominee Mr. Donald Trump. This is being touted as an epic battle between the two major party candidates.  The question for her is can she overcome the trust issues she faces. For him; can he appear presidential?  This is the first of three presidential debates. The moderator is NBC's Lester Holt, who is responsible for the questions, the topics, and maintaining a sense of decorum.  The format is as follows: 90 minutes, divided into 6-15 minute segments within three thirty minute sections. Alright fans and followers, it is go time.

Achieving prosperity
Jobs-central to this

Why is HRC a better choice for creating jobs
Build economy from the bottom. Jobs in infrastructure, clean energy; small business. Make economy fairer equal pay. Profit sharing. Paid family leave. Debt free college. Paid sick day

DT-Jobs being shipped out to China and Mexico. Mexico building plants. Jobs leaving the Midwest. Reducing corporate taxes to create jobs. Renegotiate trade deals

HRC-Need smart fair trade. Reward work. Trickle down economics doesn't work. DT believes that if you help the wealthy it'll work it's down

DT- How will he bring back company's and jobs. Renegotiate defective trade deals. Politicians should been for years. US owes 22 trillion dollars. Not let the company's leave. Tax products being imported from American companies overseas

HRC-Remind of economic crisis eight years ago. DT rooted for housing collapse. Warn against returning to failed policy. DT tax plan blow up economy cause job loss and recession. Make investment in where we can grow economy. Clean energy. Tries to be specific about what can be done.

DT-Invested in solar panels-disaster. Blames POTUS for tripling debt. Do better job of keeping jobs. Why is HRC just starting to thinking about it now

HRC-In nineties incomes went up. Trade bills in Senate does create jobs and enhance economy. Trade not only part of the economy. Knows how to create jobs

DT interrupt. Hates NAFTA. MS remains calm
NAFTA considered the gold standard.  DT loosing his temper. New jobs with rising incomes. Strong growth; fair growth, sustained growth. Her plan create 10million jobs, his lose jobs. Accused of regulating company out of business. DT plan would add 5 trillion to the debt. Raise taxes on wealthy and corporation. DT got zinged.

Defend tax increase
DT-wealthy will create jobs. Great thing for the middle class. Bring 2-1/2 trillion back from overseas. Companies leaving country because of too high taxes.

HRC-zinged DT again. Looked at what DT proposed Trump loophole 4 million tax benefit. Trumped up trickle down. Slashing taxes on wealthy doesn't work. Investing in middle class. Making college debt. Broad based inclusive economy

DT- HRC all talk no action. Worst revival of economy. Big fat ugly bubble. Fed more political.
DT is under routine audit and promises to release taxes someday. Filled out candidate financial statement. US has trade deficit. IRS allows release taxes while under audit. Will release taxes as soon as HRC releases emails.

HRC-bait and switch. For 40 years candidates release taxes. Why won't DT release taxes. Not as rich, charitable, owes money, paid nothing in federal taxes. Zero for troops, vet, schools. Might be trying to hide something terrible. American people deserve to see. No reason to believe he will release return. What are the conflicts. Email-made mistake with private server

DT-said it was done on purpose. Learn more from financial disclosure. Extremely under leveraged.  Offers to give list of banks. Says country needs a president who knows something about money. We owe 23 trillion. Spent 6 trillion in Middle East. Serious debtor nation. Country. needs new infrastructure.

HRC-main claim by DT is business experience. Refused to pay contractors for work completed. Taken business bankruptcy six times.

DT-boasting of his company's success. Four times used laws of a nation. Running a company obligation to do well for his family and employees. Opening hotel under budget and ahead of schedule. Trump International is ahead of schedule and under budget

America's Direction

HRC-race is a determinant for where people live, school, jobs, dealing with problems live. Restore trust between police and community. Better training. People should be respected by the law and respect the law. Lay out plan for reform. Bring community together to work toward those goals. Tackle the plague of gun violence

DT-need law and order. Inner cities-Afro-Americans and Latinos live in hell. Cites Chicago-4,000
people killed. Stop and frisk. Gangs of illegal immigrants with guns roaming the streets. Protect the Afro-American communities.

LH-remind DT that stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional.

DT- Need more police. Better community relations. Brings up Dallas shootings. Need law and order in the cities. Afro-Americans and Latinos most affected.

HRC-believes in community policing. Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional. Must address systemic racism. Deal with mandatory minimum. Ending federal private prisons. Diversion and second chance programs. Sensible gun control. Pass prohibition to buy a gun of a person is on the terrorist watch list.  Implicit bias-a problem in policing. Police admits it's an issue. Deal with mental health issues. Allocate money for training on implicit bias

DT-Wants to take guns away from gangs. Defending stop and frisk. Had tremendous impact on New York City

HRC-remind DT that murders are down NYC. Important to learn what had been effective. No should disagree about respecting the people who live in the communities.

DT-Afro-American communities been badly used by politicians. Upset by politicians

LH-question about DT birther issue

DT-blames HRC campaign for birther issue. Wants to move to more important. What changed his his mind. Got POTUS to produce birth certificate from Hawaii.

LH- racial healing

DT-believes that he developed great relations with Afro-American by producing POTUS birth certificate.

HRC-DT started political activity with racist lie. Started career by being sued by the  DOJ for racial discrimination in housing.

DT-accuses HRC of being disrespecting POTUS.  Settled suit with zero admission of guilt. Lawsuit brought against many real estate firms. Opened club in Palm Beach says its inclusive

Securing America

Cyber security
HRC-cybersecurity biggest 21st century challenge. Commercial purpose and national entities- Russia, China, Iran. Not permit state actor to go after our information. Will defined the citizens of this country. Unacceptable for DT to invite Vladimir Putim to hack into American citizens.
DT-reminder of endorsements by military and ICE and Boarder Patrol.

DT-ISIS beating us with the Internet.

HRC-plan to defeat IS with cyber and military. Take out Is leadership and disrupt propaganda

LH-prevent home grow attacks

DT-POTUS and HRC created vacuum when we got out of Iraq. Should've take oil.

HRC-DT supported invasion in Iraqand urged Kaadafi to be taken out. G.W. Bush made agreement about troops in Iraq. How to defeat lone wolves. Intelligence surge. Work with NATO and Mid-eastern countries and communities.

DT-Mid East a mess. NATO-countries aren't paying their fair share. Could be obsolete. Do not focus on terror. NATO is opening up major terror unit. Takes credit for it. Wants NATO in Middle East.

LH-asks about DT support of war in Iraq

DT- vehemently denies it. Says he has a winning temperament.

HRC-article 5. Attack on one is an attack on all. Invoked after 9/11. Iran-weeks away from building a nuclear. Imposed sanctions on Iran. POTUS and Sec Kerry got them to table and sign an agreement.  Didn't care if other nations got nuclear weapons. Casual attitude about nuclear weapons is dangerous.

DT-nuclear weapons is greatest threat. Japan and Germany doesn't pay their fair share. May have to defend themselves

First Use

DT-not keeping up with other countries. Not support first strike but nothing is off the table. China and Iran should deal with North Korea and Yemen. Goes back to Iran Deal-lead to nuclear problems

MS-reassure allies we have and honor mutual defense treaties. Look at entire global situation.  DT should reveal what his plan to deal with Iran. Campaign followed around the world. Stand up to those who would destabilize the world.

DT-wants to help allies and defeat IS. Losing billions playing global police officer. Not taken care of during MS tenure.
Makes sexist comment. Lacks stamina.

HRC-Zinged DT

DT-bad experience.

HRC-calls out DT's sexism.

DT-trying to make himself out as a saint.

LH-are the candidates willing to support the outcome of election

HRC-yes. Vote like your future depends on it

DT-no clue. Says he will support the outcome.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Greetings From London VI

Hello Everyone:

It is just about time for yours truly to grudgingly hop back across the pond to Blogger's hometown.  Blogger has had a fantastic and the most wonderful hosts.  Before Blogger regretfully packs her bags, yours truly would like to leave you with some more pictures of London Town.  A big thank you to Human Typist for all the pictures. A quick programming note: Blogger Candidate Forum will return on Monday, September 26, with live blogging from the first presidential candidate debate with a wrap the next day.  Regular posts will also return on Wednesday, September 28.  Thank you United Kingdom, you have been a great audience.  See you again.

                                                   Ladies toilet stall door at Victoria Coach Station

                                         Looking across the Thames on a sunny day

                                         "Art is change.  We change". The Tate Modern

                                          The Tate Modern main floor

                                                   Old Globe Theater

Eye over London

The Millennium Bridge 

View from the bridge on a rainy day

View to the back of St. Paul's Cathedral

London on a rainy day (again)

Cruising down a London street

Thank you London

Monday, September 19, 2016

Greetings From London V

Hello Everyone:

This is Yours Truly once again from the beautiful city of Manchester.  Today, Blogger and BF spent a lovely afternoon at the Museum of Science and Industry.  MOSI is a small museum, dedicated to the history of science and industry in the city.  There were nice exhibits and a short presentation on the making of calico cotten.  There was another hall dedicated to air and automobile transportation, complete with a flight simulator.  This is a great museum for families and anyone interested in how industry and science helped shape the city of Manchester.  Cheers

                                                  MOSI on in

                                        "No one puts Baby in a corner"

                                         Model of ZETA c. 1954. The UK's first major experiment in nuclear fusion

                                        Textile industry exhibit

                                                   Raw cotten

                                         Up, up and away

                                         Early model drone

                                          Electric car

                                                   The engine, the soul of the machine

                                                    Flight simulator

                                                   Flying old school


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Greetings From London IV

Hello Everyone:

Are you ready to twist and shout?  Your intrepid Blogger venture an hour up the road to Liverpool for a magical mystery tour of Beatlemania.  A splendid time was had for yours truly and the BF.  Come along for the ride through Beatle land.  Human typist was ready with the trusty phone to take pictures of the place immortalized in song.  Cheers

"Here comes the sun" Albert Dock


                                          Albert Dock with a yellow submarine.

                                          Magical Mystery Tour Bus

                                                  The Funny One lived here

                                         Penny Lane

                                         "Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout..."

                                                   Shh. The Quiet One lived here

                                         "Stawberry Field forever"

                                                   "I am the walrus..."

                                         The Smart One lived here

                                         Eleanor Rigby is buried here

                                        The Cute One lived here

                                                   Twisting and shouting the afternoon away at The Cavern Club

                                          Indulging in a mid-afternoon pint

                                                   Thee stage is set

                                          Hotel Hard Day's Night

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Greetings From London III

 Hello Everyone:

This is your pond jumping Blogger coming to live from the beautiful city of Manchester, England.  Yours truly had a lovely afternoon visiting HOME, a performance space and gallery in the City Center.  The weather was sparkling, despite a prediction of rain.  This is the United Kingdom, after all, land of fabled bad weather.  Yours Truly and her significant other spent a idyllic afternoon at this bright and airy space, taking in an exhibition titled Behind The Sun.  The film and photography exhibit focused on people living in slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Manilla, Philippines.  It was a fascinating exhibition, one worth having a look.  Human Typist took some good pictures for you to have a look.  Cheers.

                                                                         Finally HOME

                                                                     "Fields of gold"

                                                                      Behind The Sun


Gorgeous people

In plein air

Coming together

Floor installation

Great Britain voted leave.  Get over it

English cranes

Blogger's kind of food truck

Street scene Manchester